In this day and age where information is just a click away, many expats have the opportunity to share their experience online by putting up their blogs. There are also some living in Malaysia, too. The benefits of having an expat blog in KL Malaysia is that you get to share your story to those who are also interested to know more about living as an expat in Malaysia. It also provides tourists some information on going to places that are less traveled. Those are just some of the perks of reading expat blogs. images-12

Keep in mind that expat blogs are made from the expat’s point of view. When you go to Malaysia, don’t expect the same kind of treatment that the expat had. However, based on KLExpatMalaysia, every expat blog has something in common. And these common things are listed down below.


The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, is a city filled with variety. Almost traditionally, the Indigenous Malaysians are Muslims; Chinese Malaysians are Buddhists, and the Indian Malaysians are Hindus. Then mix it up with expats coming from the west with various shapes and forms of Christianity. So expect a wide range of religious holidays and celebrations in the city all year round. The good thing about this is that the Malaysian Government honors different holidays, giving more prominence on the Islamic ones. The country provides its citizens freedom of expression that the expats from all over the world truly enjoys. images-11

However, expect the holidays to have closed shops and streets. When there are public protests, certain roads are closed, making traffic much worse than before. The number of public holidays the country has affect shopping and working hours.


Kuala Lumpur is considered a large destination in Southeast Asia, so buildings in this area are newly constructed to accommodate expats and tourists. The living areas are very spacious, and most of them have windows that go from floor to ceiling, thus allowing the sunshine in throughout the year. The newly built homes usually have three bedrooms, or it can reach up to 5 or 6 of them. Obviously, they are found in larger bungalows and condos, in which both are ready for occupancy. The older condos and homes are usually smaller, but the rooms are still larger than you can imagine. antipodean

The negative part about accommodation is, not surprisingly, steep prices, especially with the new ones. Even with rental units, too. This is because of the safety issues in the capital that so many bungalows and condos have guard houses and gates. There are also certain amenities that can add up to the total bill, like ovens, microwaves, hot water, etc.

Cost of living

The best thing about living in Malaysia is that petrol is cheap, and even their locally sourced items are as well. This is because of the huge petrol market in Malaysia. But there are also expensive things as well. Again, it is not surprising that the imported goods are the ones that are more expensive, because of the added taxes to it.

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