Cameron Highlands is what could be one of the most beautiful places that you could ever visit if you are seeking for a quiet and peaceful place and for those who are seeking for a new adventure. If you are planning to visit the highlands not sooner than later, then you must consider getting the Cameron Highlands package tour from kuala lumpur. But before you book, here are some tips from MTL that you should keep in mind in visiting the place.

Cameron Highlands


The Cameron Highlands offers a great place for hiking trails around the forests of Tanah Rata. Make sure that you seek the advice from the local especially if the weather condition is ideal for going on hiking today. Make sure that your guesthouse knows where you are going and bring some water, a map and some clothes with you as go on hiking. There are also guides from Eco Cameron that could lead you the way or if you wanted to go in an independent hiking, just make sure that you equipped yourself with enough knowledge and materials before you step into the forest.



You can also visit this place if you wanted to relax and meditate. With just a cup of tea, you are going to enjoy the picturesque view at Boh Sungai Palas. For those love teas, this is the perfect place for you. There are also display rooms that you can take a look at, and you can find the best strawberries in the world at the Raju’s. Plucking your strawberry can be so much fun and exciting.


Culture and history

Make sure that you also visit the temple Sam Poh to get a glimpse of the warrior statues in gold that stood in all pride and glory. There is also a Hindu temple that was recently made that you can visit as well as the Time Tunnel and other museums in the highland that could give you a brief history of the place.


Decide how long you are going to stay

Make sure that you have decided on how many days you are going to spend exploring the place. The highlands are still doable during the weekend if you just wanted to have a taste of their strawberries and go for a hike for a bit. There is also a tour group that you could hop into, or your Cameron Highlands package tour could prepare everything for you.



Choose where to stay

There are lots of traveler’s inn and lodging house that you could choose from because there is a town near the Cameron Highlands. If you tend to use the public transportation, then you should consider staying in Tanah Rata, the main traveler’s inn of the highlands. There is also a great restaurant with affordable prices such as Snooze in Bichang.

For those who wanted to road-trip towards the Highlands, it is recommended that you choose the Tanah Rata from the amenities to the eateries that you would be using in order to save both money and time.

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