In this day and age where information is just a click away, many expats have the opportunity to share their experience online by putting up their blogs. There are also some living in Malaysia, too. The benefits of having an expat blog in KL Malaysia is that you get to share your story to those who are also interested to know more about living as an expat in Malaysia. It also provides tourists some information on going to places that are less traveled. Those are just some of the perks of reading expat blogs. images-12

Keep in mind that expat blogs are made from the expat’s point of view. When you go to Malaysia, don’t expect the same kind of treatment that the expat had. However, based on KLExpatMalaysia, every expat blog has something in common. And these common things are listed down below.


The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, is a city filled with variety. Almost traditionally, the Indigenous Malaysians are Muslims; Chinese Malaysians are Buddhists, and the Indian Malaysians are Hindus. Then mix it up with expats coming from the west with various shapes and forms of Christianity. So expect a wide range of religious holidays and celebrations in the city all year round. The good thing about this is that the Malaysian Government honors different holidays, giving more prominence on the Islamic ones. The country provides its citizens freedom of expression that the expats from all over the world truly enjoys. images-11

However, expect the holidays to have closed shops and streets. When there are public protests, certain roads are closed, making traffic much worse than before. The number of public holidays the country has affect shopping and working hours.


Kuala Lumpur is considered a large destination in Southeast Asia, so buildings in this area are newly constructed to accommodate expats and tourists. The living areas are very spacious, and most of them have windows that go from floor to ceiling, thus allowing the sunshine in throughout the year. The newly built homes usually have three bedrooms, or it can reach up to 5 or 6 of them. Obviously, they are found in larger bungalows and condos, in which both are ready for occupancy. The older condos and homes are usually smaller, but the rooms are still larger than you can imagine. antipodean

The negative part about accommodation is, not surprisingly, steep prices, especially with the new ones. Even with rental units, too. This is because of the safety issues in the capital that so many bungalows and condos have guard houses and gates. There are also certain amenities that can add up to the total bill, like ovens, microwaves, hot water, etc.

Cost of living

The best thing about living in Malaysia is that petrol is cheap, and even their locally sourced items are as well. This is because of the huge petrol market in Malaysia. But there are also expensive things as well. Again, it is not surprising that the imported goods are the ones that are more expensive, because of the added taxes to it.

Cameron Highlands is what could be one of the most beautiful places that you could ever visit if you are seeking for a quiet and peaceful place and for those who are seeking for a new adventure. If you are planning to visit the highlands not sooner than later, then you must consider getting the Cameron Highlands package tour from kuala lumpur. But before you book, here are some tips from MTL that you should keep in mind in visiting the place.

Cameron Highlands


The Cameron Highlands offers a great place for hiking trails around the forests of Tanah Rata. Make sure that you seek the advice from the local especially if the weather condition is ideal for going on hiking today. Make sure that your guesthouse knows where you are going and bring some water, a map and some clothes with you as go on hiking. There are also guides from Eco Cameron that could lead you the way or if you wanted to go in an independent hiking, just make sure that you equipped yourself with enough knowledge and materials before you step into the forest.



You can also visit this place if you wanted to relax and meditate. With just a cup of tea, you are going to enjoy the picturesque view at Boh Sungai Palas. For those love teas, this is the perfect place for you. There are also display rooms that you can take a look at, and you can find the best strawberries in the world at the Raju’s. Plucking your strawberry can be so much fun and exciting.


Culture and history

Make sure that you also visit the temple Sam Poh to get a glimpse of the warrior statues in gold that stood in all pride and glory. There is also a Hindu temple that was recently made that you can visit as well as the Time Tunnel and other museums in the highland that could give you a brief history of the place.


Decide how long you are going to stay

Make sure that you have decided on how many days you are going to spend exploring the place. The highlands are still doable during the weekend if you just wanted to have a taste of their strawberries and go for a hike for a bit. There is also a tour group that you could hop into, or your Cameron Highlands package tour could prepare everything for you.



Choose where to stay

There are lots of traveler’s inn and lodging house that you could choose from because there is a town near the Cameron Highlands. If you tend to use the public transportation, then you should consider staying in Tanah Rata, the main traveler’s inn of the highlands. There is also a great restaurant with affordable prices such as Snooze in Bichang.

For those who wanted to road-trip towards the Highlands, it is recommended that you choose the Tanah Rata from the amenities to the eateries that you would be using in order to save both money and time.

509076089_f74649c9e9_zIf you are planning a trip to Langkawi in Malaysia, you might want to look into renting a car for your stay. Having a rental car will make getting around a lot easier since you won’t have to rely on taxis or on public transit. The cost of renting a car in Langkawi is very affordable and you will actually save money compared to taking taxis if you need to drive around a lot during your stay.

You can find a great car rental company in Langkawi, Malaysia by simply doing some research online. There are several travel sites and blogs where you can find reviews of different businesses. Google also usually publishes a few reviews for the businesses listed via Google Maps. This is a good place to start your search since you can get an overview of all the car rental places in the area where you will be staying.

Look for a car rental company that is easy to access. You might want to choose to rent a car from a company that is located in the airport where you will land or near a public transit hub so you can easily pick up your rental car and return it when you leave. You can always take a taxi to get to the car rental place and pick up your vehicle or drop it off at the end of your trip to Langkawi.

It is important to compare prices between different car rental companies but you need to make sure that you choose a company that is a good match for your needs. You can compare prices online and see the vehicles available for rental. Look for a company that offers the kind of vehicles you need and ask yourself if you are going to need any other amenities. You can for instance find car rental companies that can pick you up at your hotel or give you a ride to the airport after you have droped off your rental vehicle.vw_polo_sedan

Find out more about the cost of insuring the vehicle you will be renting. There is usually a daily fee for insuring rental vehicles. You should also ask how many miles you can put on the vehicle you will be renting. Some car rental companies charge an additional fee if you go over a certain number of miles. This should not be an issue if you need a car to drive locally, but fees could add up if you need to use the rental vehicle to drive to nearby cities or want to explore the entire region.

Take the time to find out more about different car rental companies in the Langkawi area. There are several companies to choose from and you will find that most of them offer very affordable prices. Find out more about the vehicles and services offered to find the car rental company that is the best match for your needs. Book your rental in advance to make sure you get the vehicle you wanted.

The video below features Big Thumb, a mainstay car rental company in the country of Malaysia.

Penang is one of the most popular tourist areas in Malaysia. It is filled with numerous cultural, architectural and natural wonders in the area. Each year, Malaysia records the numbers of tourists that visit this area to help determine how the tourism industry is blossoming and how they can better encourage tourism in the area. As more and more tourists visit Penang, there is a need for safe, reliable and affordable transportation. Although this is a booming tourist destination, there is not adequate public transportation There are only two options when it comes to public transportation.

1. Taxis, which are very expensive.

2. Motorcycles, which are impractical for a group of travelers traveling together.

Because of this, the demand for rental cars is growing. In Penang, renting a car is the best option. Taxis, motorcycles or booking an entire travel package are expensive and may not supply you with the services you need. Tourists who are looking for privacy and flexibility should consider renting a car. Finally, renting a car will keep you from traveling with a group of strangers from location to location.

Short-Term and Long-Term Vehicle Rentalstrainer-vertical4

One of the biggest benefits to renting a car is that there is no time limit. This means that you can rent a vehicle for a short amount of time or a long amount of time. The choice is yours. Car rental services offer great deals to travelers who rent for a long period of time. Finally, car rentals in Penang are outfitted with GPS devices to ensure you can easily get to your destination without the need for maps or directions.

Those looking for a short-term rental will receive a great rate while visiting the area. Additionally, some car rental services offer travel guides to help you get the most out of your trip. Regardless of the length of time you need to rent a vehicle, it is imperative that you find the best deal.

Online Vehicle Renting Services

Thanks to the technological advances online, you now have the power to rent a car from any location around the world. You can easily book your rental car from the comfort of your own home before you ever arrive at your destination. These online rental car services allow you to choose the type o vehicle you want to rent, the length of time you will rent the car and much more. The internet allows you to communicate with your rental car company to ensure that all of your needs are covered before you ever arrive in Penang. Once you arrive at your destination, your car will be waiting for you. All you will need to do is pay for your rental car and you will be ready to enjoy your vacation.trainer-vertical5


Get on the internet and learn more about the car rental services available in Penang. While online, you will be able to ask any questions you may have about renting a car, the laws of the road and more. This will help ensure that your vacation is enjoyable and stress-free. You will get to travel across this beautiful land and see the numerous architectural and natural wonders of Penang.

If you have an upcoming birthday party, most likely you are planning to do everything for the event yourself. However, if you happen to have an especially busy lifestyle or it’s a a larger party, then you migeventnow_event-planning_000ht want to think about getting some help from planner.

Although many people might cringe at the very thought of paying to hire a professional party planner, the truth is they really can be an excellent asset for you. The following are some of the great benefits that you can really take advantage of whenever you are hiring somebody to plan your birthday party:

It Will Save You A Lot Of Time

I am sure you have heard of the old saying that “time is money.” It can take lots of time to plan a party, even when it is a fairly small party. At times it can make more sense hiring somebody else to do the work for you.

If you don’t need to plan the party yourself, you might have more time to focus on other things that you need to do or have more time to do your work. From the very beginning, the party planner will pay for themselves.

You Will Have A Flawless Party

The main benefit that you can receive from working with a professional planner is that the person will really know what they are doing. The whole reputation of a party planner depends on them being able to plan an event that doesn’t have any issues. Whenever you hire somebody to handle your event for you, it is sure to be a hit.

Person carrying birthday cake, group of friends in background

There is no reason to stress yourself out when you have a way of guaranteeing that your birthday party is going to be perfect. If the party is something that you really want to be a memorable event, then you need to spend the money to ensure that the event turns out just the way you want it to.

You Stay Within Your Budget

One thing that a lot of people don’t think about is that working with a professional party planner actually can help them with saving money. Although you will need to pay a fee to the planner, a good professional will stick to the budget that you provide them with to ensure that you don’t exceed it.

If you are planning to spend a decent amount of money at a party, then having a party planner can reduce your overall costs dramatically. The professional will include his or her fee as part of the budget, and sure you spend precisely the amount of money that you would like to spend.

If you happen to be the kind of person who has a tendency to get carried away when planning a party, then working with a professional planner is something you definitely should consider doing. You will save yourself a ton of stress as well as save a lot of money as well. It can be very well worth spending the money to work with a planner.

As you can tell by now, birthday party planning is much easier if you have professional help. You don’t have to do everything yourself. At times, it make sense to hire somebody else to do the job.

Research the party planning options that are available in your local area and sites such as bgt-foot and make the decision of whether or not you would like to have a professional plan your next event.